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2009-11-06 | Day 433 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-11-06

You can arrive at the international climate change conference in your stretch limo (or better Hummer), or you can set the two apple trees in your front-yard on fire, in protest against forest dieback, or you’re a Nepali Secretary of State. I cannot believe what I read in the “Kathmandu Post” today.

To raise international awareness of the vulnerable nature in the Himalayas, the depending cultures and the climatical changes, 22 Nepali secretaries of state are planning to hold a meeting at more than 19.600 ft altitude, at the Mount Everest base-camp, prior to the international climate change conference. I would like to write about what I think of 22 old, unfit caviar-eater with oxygen masks, five doctors per minister, ten attendants each, two helicopters, twenty all-wheel-drives, heated tents, three camera men, and with high probability, 20 kg more plastic waste left in the mountains. Because the newspaper article made clear, the ministers won’t “walk” up there. But I cannot use such words here, so I’ll leave it at this short piece of information. (Grrrr….)

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