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2009-11-11 | Day 438 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-11-11

Party! Can you imagine the Nepali police takes a bribe to leave a non-registered party alone, even if the profit of the party goes straight to Nepali charity. And then they come back at 11pm to call the party off, apparently because the neighbours, who by the way were all partying with us, were disturbed by the noise…
About 100 people, one third of them Nepalis, two thirds of them travellers had a good time anyway. There was good food and several bands playing for free in the neighbouring guest-house’s backyard. Even though Kathmandu seems pretty traditional to me and the streets are pretty much abandoned after 10pm every day, it’s proven its capability of being a great host for some “western style” entertainment.

@Beamstream, Knolle: Maybe I’m a little restless compared to other people. But I’ve changed a bit already. Traveling and the life style that comes with it, taught me patience. Ok, maybe not so much patience, but acceptance. Many, or most, of the things cannot be achieved as efficiently as back home in our luxury-country. I’m using my energy to direct the course of events according to my wants and needs. I’m being patient with the occurrences that I have no control of. And the experiences of a traveler teach me to distinguish between the two.

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  1. 2009-11-12 (10:46)


    Hi Daniel !
    Falls Du noch nach Pokhara ( http://www.panoramio.com/photo/487064 ) willst, so würde ich Dir die Annapurna Runde empfehlen.
    http://www.bedu.de/nepal/annapurn.html (3. bis 18. Tag)
    Man sollte sich allerdings 14 Tage Zeit lassen.


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