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2009-11-14 | Day 441 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-11-14

Since Lutz asked me about the Maoists… I wasn’t ever charged road tolls by the Maoists, even though I entered Nepal from the Maoist dominated Western areas.

I’m paying attention to the dispute only since I’m here in Nepal. But I have been told that beginning this year, the head of the Maoist party was leading the country. He was then forced to leave office somehow. That’s where the aggravation started. I haven’t heard anything about bombs, but the supporter of the Maoists demonstrate on the streets. They were talking about obstructing the international airport on the 10th of November, but foreign diplomates managed to prevent this.

There are street blockades, strikes in Kathmandu and I heard about blockades at the national borders too. That all makes the  chaotic traffic worse. Seems to be all happening in a peaceful manner though. I myself saw how the demonstrators played music and even danced and laughed during the rally…

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