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2009-11-16 | Day 443 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-11-16

The internet cafe around the corner had been closed for a few days. I’ve become kind of friends with the owner over the time and I was very happy to see him sit behind open windows and doors again. Something was different about him. While he was away, a neighbour told me his ninety year old mother passed away, which explained his absence. Sure, he was, in accordance with Hindu tradition, dressed in white, but there was something else. When I came closer I realised, he was all shaved. His head, his beard, his forearms, even his eyebrows.

I took a few days, then I couldn’t resist and asked him as carefully and sensitively as I could. Obviously he still is in the middle of mourning. I learnt that, as a sign of sorrow, he shaved his whole body. That I find very strange. He couldn’t tell me the religious background of it… Really strange.

  1. 2009-11-17 (13:06)


    Hallo Daniel !
    Wenn man mit Hinduismus, Indien und Haaropfer googelt kommt man zu einigen interessanten Ergebnissen – z.B. diesen Bericht: http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,137689,00.html oder jenen http://www.einslive.de/medien/html/1live/2009/01/10/hier-und-heute-haare.xml und hier wird es lustig: http://www.a-haargenau.de/news/glatze-borussen-tempelhaar_112.htm :-))).

    Vielleicht hat es damit zu tun, dass jeder etwas opfern kann ohne sich materiell zu belasten !???


  2. 2009-11-17 (13:07)



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