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2009-12-11 | Day 468 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-11

I’m back, I’m alive and I’m amazed !!

…surely one of the most exhausting, but also most amazing adventures on this trip! I’ve just come back and already spent some time to upload pictures of the Himalayas. I just couldn’t resist, I wanted to see how they turned out. If you enjoy it half as much looking at the images, as I did looking at the mountains a few days ago, I’ll be happy.

There’s so much to tell about how I made it up to the Gokyo summit at 5400m / 17.700 ft, how I saw the Everest burning during sunset and how bloody hard it is to walk up steep cliffs with only 50% oxygen in the air. I will take the time to elaborate on that in during the next few days.

I also wanna quickly thank all of you great and gracious people out there, who have send me so much money that I’m very happy to give to the Kathmandu-based orphanage very soon. Thank you, you’re fantastic ! – More about this will follow, I promise a video!

  1. 2009-12-11 (22:56)


    Wunderschöne Photos!! Leider chronologisch verkehrt herum, aber das macht ja nix. Du siehst chic aus in Rot : )

  2. 2009-12-11 (23:57)


    schön das du wieder da bist, vor allem gesund. tolle aufnahmen, wir sind weiterhin gespann. war schon ganz schön langweilig, immer wieder zu lesen ” lieber OE Leser, ich bin im urlaub” (kurzurlaub)

  3. 2009-12-12 (15:41)


    glad you enjoyed your hiking, must have been great, photos are by the way.
    If the mickael jackson interpreter is not there when you’ll give the present, will we see you make the dance for the kids too?

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