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2009-12-17 | Day 474 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-17

From the desk chair into the hiking boots, part 6

On the return flight from Lukla to Kathmandu, I realised about the significance of airport security. I wouldn’t see myself as someone who flies a huge deal, but during the last decade I have been in the air more than fifty times. I got used to being searched, having someone look through my luggage, having my computer examined, having the photos on my camera looked at, my finger-prints taken, my passport scanned and information stored. I even heard that at some airports you get x-rayed, so the authorities don’t have to frisk you anymore.

Anyway, I found myself standing on the middle of the runway, expectantly gazing in the air, waiting for the one plane, that is to take me back to Kathmandu, to arrive. And I realised, none of the security measures I’m aware of have been applied. Neither was I searched, nor was my luggage. I haven’t even showed my plane ticket to anyone. Well, I’ll do that to the bus-driver, uh pilot. And flying out from the capital to here was just as easy going.

Yes, there are terror attacks here in Nepal, yes there are abductions, nationwide strikes and political groups that hate each other’s guts, but judging from the way people behave, this place might be a safer place than all the industrialised countries I have been flying in and out of after all.

  1. 2009-12-20 (14:21)


    Hallo Daniel !
    Schöne Tour hast Du da gemacht, wird Dir sicher ewig in Erinnerung bleiben.

    Was die Sicherheitskontrollen betrifft, so ist meine Erfahrung gerade umgedreht. Beim Flug ab Kathmandu nach Bangkok sind wir kontrolliert wurden wie nie vor- und nachher. Insgesamt 8 Kontrollen – beginnend vor dem Flughafen bis zum Betreten der Maschine. Inklusive eines herzhaften Griffs in die … , auch bei den Frauen (da natürlich von einer weiblichen Kontolleurin).

    Tschüß !

  2. 2009-12-20 (21:09)


    Hallo Daniel !
    In den Nachrichten wird gerade von einem 3 tägigen Generalstreik und heftigen Ausschreitungen bei Demonstrationen in Kathmandu berichtet, merkst Du was davon ?


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