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2010-01-05 | Day 493 | 33550 km

Daniel | 2010-01-05

I still feel absolutely weak. I’m fighting fever and muscle aches. The high altitude amplifies it all. My exhausted body doesn’t even get a break. I’m exposed to the elements riding the bike all day. The cold, the wind, ice and snow on the roads… The hotels aren’t equipped with heating, that means no real retreat for the night.

It’s not easy to find a transport for my bike. And if I do, it’s comparatively expensive. Even in European standards. But I can’t hold up our group. The chinese government made us hire a guide for this trip. He’s now receiving phone calls from the police several times a day. We’re behind schedule and that’s unacceptable for the Chinese officials.

I can’t help it, I have to ride the bike. The distance to destination isn’t too far. But driving is stressful. Some ice, some snow. I have to concentrate really hard, harder than I’m actually capable of. Behind every bend could be ice. I have to carefully read the landscape and anticipate the condition of the road. If a rock, a tree or a cliff throws a shadow on the road, there’s likely to be ice. Plus I have to keep a close eye on the traffic. A four wheeler doesn’t really care about a few meters of ice and won’t slow down as much as I have to. It’s exhausting.

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  1. 2010-04-08 (23:38)

    Simone von Lackum

    one might wonder if you’ld bitten off more than you could chew, at this point. more to the point wouldn’t it have been a LOT better if you were going over these high passes in August, eh? I think i DO understand why you weren’t up there in Aug – things happen that hold one up. but i find myself curious as to weather you had PLANNED to be up there in the Summer. anyway, you’re gutsy. me, i change my plans ALTOGETHER when confronted with extremes – more so extreme heat, than cold.

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