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2010-01-06 | Day 494 | 33550 km

Daniel | 2010-01-06

A new day, the same muscle aches, weakness and fever – still, I have to get on the bike. After 75 km, the orange camper van breaks down. The worst of all possibilities proves to be causing the problem. The fuel injection pump’s broken. This would mean we’re stuck for weeks if the owner of the van hadn’t had a similar problem some months ago, exchanged the pump and kept the old one.

The timing belt has to be taken off and the pump exchanged – it’s like heart surgery. Jürgen jumps right to it, he’s got no other choice. We’re far away from a mechanic or even a recovery vehicle. I would be the first to get my hands dirty and help Jürgen, but I’m too weak and the cold is killing me. I have to retreat into the red truck (project-asia.com) and try to recover.

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