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2010-01-07 | Day 495 | 33550 km

Daniel | 2010-01-07

We spend the night in the middle of nowhere, all of us inside either the van or the truck. I didn’t become better over night, but Jürgen did a great job the day before. All six faces lit up when the big truck towed the little orange van and the engine started up.

We rode on, only to get stranded a few miles later – cooling water hose on the van is broken. Because of lack strength, I couldn’t be any help. Jürgen cut a piece of metal tube out of an old bicycle and I contributed a hose clip from Marianne’s carburettors to fix the leaking hose. Me being not to weak to ride on, Marianne missing some parts, both of us were tight onto a different truck and on we went.

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