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2010-01-14 | Day 502 | 33550 km

Daniel | 2010-01-14

Oh, life feels so much better once the appetite is back and food taste good again. And I have to make up for the lost time too.

After a few hundred kilometres, smooth asphalt, nice windy bends, great views and foreign smells while riding through exotic fields, I reached Dali. Our guide recommended a fancy restaurant where I indulged myself in excellent food. The highlight was when the new shift arrived. We, only seven guests, were served by about twenty waitresses and twenty-five cooks. There were all, military-like, lined up on the courtyard and the chef held a speech before the new shift took over. Our guide translated: “Very good! No customer complaints in the last few days. Work hard, work hard, success will come!” I couldn’t help a smile, but the food really was delicious.

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