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2010-01-15 | Day 503 | 35891 km

Daniel | 2010-01-15

There is a proper highway between Dali and Kunming, on which it’s very easy and fast to cover the distance of 211 Miles. But there aren’t any motorbikes allowed on this highway. Hence, I was to go, alone, without the guide, along the beautifully hilly and very windy, old road.

It was fantastic! I could go as fast or slow as I wanted to. I could stop where and when I wanted. And in a small village, an extremely kind woman prepared lunch for me and didn’t except any money for it. After lunch I took an uttermost refreshing nap in the sun and slept through an eclipse of the sun. The nap felt so nice, I’m not too sore about missing the natural spectacle. There will be another eclipse in a few decades.

Just before I arrived I was to experience something hilarious. When I came around a bend, far out in the country side, I saw a very little boy, four years old maximum, walking a huge water buffalo. The humongous water buffalo had to hold his head very low, so the boy could even reach the short rope attached to the buffalo’s nose. “I have to take a picture” I thought to myself, stopped in the next bend, got in position with my camera and waited for the boy and its pet to arrive. When the little kid came round the bend and saw me, he suddenly stopped. He seemed to be scared of me. He starred at me from the distance and didn’t move a muscle, the buffalo being very patient. I rode on after a while and laughed out loud into my helmet: The little one is afraid of an European on a motorbike, but 1200 pounds with two massive, pointy horns isn’t scary to him at all.

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