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2010-01-20 | Day 508 | 36618 km

Daniel | 2010-01-20

One of the best motorbike-riding-days since I left home – truly. You cannot imagine how many bends I rode around today. And all of them nicely spaced out, every 20 meters or so, along 284 km / 180 miles. And to make it all perfect, there was no traffic at all. Additionally, the landscape was breath-taking, larded with uncountable terrace fields. It must have taken decades or even centuries to carve all these rice-terrace-fields into the mountains.

On one of my many photo-breaks, I handed a box with cookies to a little boy and expected him to take one or two. He approached me slowly, took the entire box with cookies and retreated immediately. I laughed out loud and had trouble getting close enough to him again, to save at least a couple of cookies for myself.

  1. 2010-01-21 (14:21)


    Hi Daniel !
    Da freuen wir uns schon auf die Fotos !


  2. 2010-01-21 (20:10)


    kids love cookies, a few are not enough for them

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