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2010-01-25 | Day 513 | 36976 km

Daniel | 2010-01-25

Finally done! I finished a contract (computer-grafic-job) today and immediately sent it via internet to my client in Germany.

The internet here is a lot better than in China. There are no restrictions in Laos. I can easily access i.e. Youtube.com and Flickr.com. In China I couldn’t even open my own website! Luckily the Open-Explorers obtained the .com and the .de domain – the .de site (same content) did work in China. Hahaha.

I have heard about the most bizarre things about the Chinese Internet. Apparently there are only two “cables” connected with China. One is in Beijing and one in Shanghai. Next to the automated and electronic surveillance technologies, there are always thousand clerks or web-detectives working around the clock to inspect what people browse through. If a website is considered “inappropriate” it’ll be blocked. Even Google is in risk to be banned in China.

But I don’t know all these things for facts. My personal experience with the internet in China: It’s more limited than when I was in Iran last summer, right after the elections and the following demonstrations.

  1. 2010-01-27 (22:23)


    Spiegel online (2008): http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,569315,00.html

    heute journal (2010): http://www.heute.de/ZDFheute/inhalt/26/0,3672,8017626,00.html

  2. 2010-01-28 (06:28)


    Hi Daniel !
    Viele Chinesen nutzen angeblich PICIDAE :http://www.wortgefecht.net/netzkultur/kunst-gegen-zensur-picidae/ .

    Auch interessant: http://german.china.org.cn/business/txt/2010-01/15/content_19246162.htm


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