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2010-01-26 | Day 514 | 36976 km

Daniel | 2010-01-26

One ought to be allowed to be lazy at times. Yes, yes, one could think: “Does this globe-trotter do anything? He’s got no regular job, no carrier, no daily routine. What does he know?” Well, one would be surprised about how busy a travel-life can be :)

Anyways, after all this driving in the last month and the night shifts working on the computer-job I finished yesterday, I didn’t to anything at all today. Ok, I aimlessly looked through the photos taken in the last weeks and started to get them ready for upload, but apart from that…

I know, I know, you’re waiting for the pix… I’m on it :)

  1. 2010-01-27 (17:32)


    Yes we wait the pix, haha! Wonderful you crossed China, braveheart! Have a nice trip in “Indochine”.

    Jp (from Quebec for a few days…)

  2. 2010-01-27 (20:10)


    you have all the right to relax, what do you think we do back home when we’re off work. it’s nice to be lazy at times!

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