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2010-01-30 | Day 518 | 36976 km

Daniel | 2010-01-30

I found it very kind, that the son of the hostel owner took me on his little scooter, up to the mechanic. But because of the impossible to miss and widely spread, Lao friendliness, I wasn’t really surprised that he did. Marianne, my bike, needed a certain screw that she sent me to get.

When he, with wide open eyes and a body language showing dismay, shot back at me “No!”, when I asked him how much would be appropriate to give the mechanic for his help, I really was staggered by the Lao modesty. There would be no way that the friendly son would take any money from me, at least for the fuel, so I’ll just make him grin by bringing him a chocolate bar or something tomorrow.

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  1. 2010-01-30 (18:46)


    Mein Gott – Marianne sieht ja aus als würde sie unter Bulimie leiden, völlig abgemagert.

    Schönes Wochende !


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