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2010-01-31 | Day 519 | 36976 km

Daniel | 2010-01-31

I am absolutely sure, that there is a secret syndicate between the firms BMW, Loctite and Coca Cola! There must be, because if it wasn’t for them, my travel-life would be a lot more difficult.

While I was working on my bike, I wanted to exchange the cardan-shaft, which broke and was rudimentarily fixed in Pakistan. Someone I know brought me a new one when she flew into Nepal for vacation.

Swapping this part of the bike usually cannot be undertaken without a proper workshop and special BMW tools. But the secret BmwLocCoca syndicate saved me. It’s not easy to take the cardan-shaft out and the actions necessary to assemble it all again are as difficult to perform as they are to explain. Especially the final move: assembling safety ring with cardan-shaft. Imagine you have to put the wedding ring onto the finger of your bride, but her hand is inside a beer bottle, with the bottle-neck pointing at you. And you’re supposed to fiddle the ring through the bottle-neck onto her finger. You need BmwLocCoca for that, don’t you?

For everyone who finds him / herself in a similar situation, here is how I did it:

The safety-ring #1 (wedding ring) is round and open. It has first to be spread open and then pushed over the end of the cardan-shaft #2 (finger of the bride) where it then contracts again and rests in a groove. The end of the cardan-shaft #2 sits deep inside the bike’s swing arm (beer bottle around the bride’s hand) and I can only get to it, through a long, narrow tunnel.

Loctite’s contribution: I carry a small flask of Loctite with me. Loctite is a kind of glue, used to prevent screws from loosening themselves. The cap #3 of the flask has exactly the same diameter as the cardan-shaft #2 (finger of the bride) that the safety-ring #1 (wedding ring) has to go onto.

Coca Cola’s contribution: The neck of a bottle of Sprite #4 (or Coca Cola, Fanta – whatever you like the taste of) has a collar (for easy carrying) right underneath the thread. The collar has exactly the same diameter as the inside of the bike’s swing-arm (bottle around the bride’s hand)

Now guess what, the Loctite cap #3 fits perfectly inside the Sprite-bottle’s opening #4. Nearly there, stay with me!

BMW’s contribution: All I had to do now is, to push and delate the safety-ring #1 (wedding ring) over the Loctite cap #3. Then slide the Loctite cap #3, with the safety-ring #1 on it, inside the the Sprite-bottle’s opening #4 (I cut it off the rest of the bottle). These three things I could now push inside the bike’s swing arm (bottle around the bride’s hand) up until where the Loctite cap #3 touches the end of the cardan-shaft #2.

Almost done, stay with me!

Now you push (with a screw driver or something…) the Sprite’s bottle-neck #4, which then pushes the safety-ring #1 (wedding ring) off the Loctite cap #3 and onto the end of the cardan-shaft #2 (bride’s finger) Done! Crazy!

Now, don’t even ask me how I came up with this. I guess the lack of special BMW-tools makes you become creative.

  1. 2010-02-04 (09:50)


    Ich würde mir dieses Zusammenspiel patentieren lassen ;-)-

  2. 2010-02-04 (16:06)


    Auch für mögliche Hochzeiten, bei denen die Braut vorher Bier statt Cola getrunken hat, und man trotz Rausch den Akt des Ringtauschs vollziehen möchte.

  3. 2010-02-05 (12:27)



  4. 2010-04-08 (23:15)

    Simone von Lackum

    darn, i can’t access Feb. stuck, at an end, a wall. wish i could see/ hear more…..

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