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2010-02-09 | Day 528 | 37589 km

Daniel | 2010-02-09

You know what “Tubing” is? I didn’t know myself, until someone told me to go to Vieng Vang in Central Laos. When I first heard what it was about I didn’t’ want to go. But Adam and Sabine, both motorbike riders I met on the way, convinced me to come along – just for fun.

We all hired a tube (the inside of a truck tire), jumped onto a Tuk-tuk (local, three wheeled taxi) and were dropped off, on the sided of the river, a few kilometres north of the village. What happened from that moment on, I know I was surprised myself, actually turned out to be great fun. I enjoyed it very much.

And because it was so much fun and I didn’t bring my camera, all of us decided to do it again tomorrow. And tomorrow, I’ll let you know what exactly it is, that I added to my personal book of “things that are fun to do”.

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  1. 2010-02-10 (18:24)


    Die Luxusvariante gibt es nun auch in Dresden (http://www.elbespass.de/index.html) – siehe Flyer.

    Gute Reise !


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