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2010-02-25 | Day 544 | 38427 km

Daniel | 2010-02-25

What goes around, comes around! The sun shone in deep-red hanging low, the mosquitos came out of the woods and clustered on my helmet visor. The road was swept empty from traffic and in smooth condition. I took in the evening air, a relief from the heat during the day, my bike roared steadily and I winged fast, on the long spans between the small villages.

I flew by a guy pushing his scooter. If I take more than three seconds to decide whether I should stop and help, it won’t happen. I’m gone – too far to turn around. I was riding fast and thinking quickly. I helped him by donating a litre of ‘precious’ that he has ran out of. A good deed!

Half an hour later, I was just about to overtake a truck and I thought: “Man, this head-set bearing really needs to get changed. Feels no good. No, it’s not the bearing, my front tire is going flat!” I stopped immediately, pulled off the road. Two conflictive emotions manifested at the very same time. “Not here and now!” and “It’s gonna be fine!”

Right where I stopped – and I mean right there, as in 15 feet away – was a tire shop. Ten minutes later, I was comforted by listening to the familiar sounds of air flow and the bike roaring along the country road again.

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