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2010-03-30 | Day 577 | 38875 km

Daniel | 2010-03-30

Crazy eh? One day I’m a bum living off the last few coins I have. A traveler in a foreign country, not able to speak the local language, never been here before, not knowing a single person. Man, by the day I entered, I didn’t even know what the capital was named.

A blink of an eye later, everything is different. My cell phone is ringing all the time. I’m flying across the country, to meet men in fancy suits. I am asked for advice and my expertise as a filmmaker. And I’m well paid to do all this.

The contrast fully hit me this morning when I suddenly found myself in an entirely new situation. I came out the airport customs and a complete stranger in a white collared shirt and tie held a sign up with my name on it.

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