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2010-12-01 | Day 823 | 53168 bike + bus.train.plane 34988 km

Daniel | Marianne is here !

I finally got the email I have been waiting for, for over a month. Marianne has arrived in OZ. I don’t even know if I still know how to ride a motorbike after being on a bicycle every day.

I went to the port to do all paper work and it wasn’t easy. Usually people use a broker who knows the process, but I wanted to save some money and decided to do it myself. It took me a couple of days, many phone calls and meeting with shipping agents, the Australian customs, quarantine officers and warehouse staff, but I did it. Marianne is back!

I connected the battery and after a few seconds on the starter button she greeted me with a familiar roaring sound. Back on the road – a feeling that cannot be described. You have be a two-wheel-lover yourself to understand…

On the way from and to all different authorities, I had to go all across town (on public transport *sweat) and learnt that Australians park their cars vertically… at least the small ones. Interesting!

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  1. 2011-02-21 (08:38)


    Ich wollte den Link zu deiner Webseite schon löschen – um so mehr freue ich mich, dass es nun doch noch weiter geht.

    Gute Reise !!!

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