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2010-12-26 | Day 848 | 55389 bike + bus.train.plane 34988 km

Daniel | The Million Dollar Picture

Look at this picture. The famous Opera House in Sydney, the landmark that says three words to most of us, born in the northern hemisphere: “Very far away!”   Well it says: “I’m am a very distinct and different looking building” too, but mainly “I’m very far away and therefore I can afford to be very different.”

I am on the other side of the globe now. I chose to take 848 days out of my life to get here. And it was worth every hour. I rode over land on my motorbike all the way, I only took a boat when there was no landmass I could ride on. When Jorn Utzon started to draw his first mock-ups of the opera house some time in the late 50′s, I’m sure some where much more ordinary than the final design. And maybe he thought it is risky to propose this final design, but in the end it was built.

I thought it is very risky to ride through 26 countries on a motorbike, being exposed to the elements, varying cultures and beliefs 24 hours 7 days a week. Jorn’s design was considered ‘different’. The experiences I made on my journey led me to think and feel in a way, that 848 days ago, I had considered ‘different’.

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