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2009-11-04 | Day 431 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-11-04

It had to come to this sooner or later. I was wondering why I have been spared from it for so long. I left Europe almost 5 month ago. And not only landscape and culture changed, but also culinary delights and the bacteria that come along with it. I don’t know any long-term traveler who explored Asia without having, stomach problems at least once.
Last night, from one minute to another, I got high fever. Needless to say the night was a disaster, half asleep I hallucinated about the consequences of malaria, dysentery, yellow fever and everything else that I could think of. In the morning I dragged myself to the clinic. Fortunately there’s one run and staffed by Europeans and Americans. Diagnoses: Bacteria in the digestive tract – treatment: antibiotics – my personal contribution: sleep all day.

  1. 2009-11-05 (14:04)


    Oh nein! Gute Besserung!!

  2. 2009-11-05 (19:34)


    Hallo Daniel – Gute Besserung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bakterien sind aber im allgemeinen gut heilbar – richtig fieß sind Würmer.
    Wir hatten in Indien immer ein Fläschen Whisky dabei und ein winziger Schluck nach zweifelhaften Essen (nicht am Aussehen – sondern am Geschmack erkannt) hilft manchmal Wunder.
    Ein guter Energiespender (Lebenselexier) ist übrigens “Chyawanprash”, gibt es in jedem Medizinladen.


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