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2009-12-15 | Day 472 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-15

From the desk chair into the hiking boots, part 4

In slow-motion, with very small steps, inhaling very deeply, sounding like a locomotive from the twenties, exhausted, leaning on my trekking poles, I tried to conquer the last 500 meters altitude. I wanted to climb up Gokyo, a summit about about 5400 Meter / 17.800ft high, West of the Everest. My Irish trekking pal Sean was far ahead of me. Always in sight, though 50 Meters higher up seemed so far. He walked alot faster than me, but had to stop every 10 steps, out of breath. As I found out later, he thought about giving up, just like me. The summit seemed so close, but not worth the strain. I was up an altitude where the air contained only half the oxygen. “I can see all the mountains around me, why should go up the stupid summit” I thought to myself. A muesli-bar and some icy cold zips of water later I remembered that it usually takes more than a few elusive oxygen molecules to give up my goals. Finally up: The view, the feeling to have reached the self-defined goal, the sunset, the incomparable light, the silence were worth every single drop of sweat…

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