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2010-02-07 | Day 526 | 37589 km

Daniel | 2010-02-07

Finally it worked out. After thousand of kilometres and many months, the two bikes that met in Gilgit (Pakistan), got a chance to meet up again. That also was an opportunity for the bike-owners to meet, but for the first time.

There are quite a few motorbike riders out there, far away from home, exploring new roads, getting to know foreign cultures, but how many of these bikers are female? It was terrific to talk to Sabine about traveling, motorbike-riding and everything that comes with it. She’s tough and inventive. Two problems that I for example have to deal with, she found an easy solution for. First: To avoid having to occasionally fix the bike, she simply bought a brand-new Honda before she left for the trip. Second: If she falls off the bike, she just makes a tea and waits in her hammock for someone to help her put the bike upright again. I just hope she’ll always have hammock and tea in the pannier that’s not underneath the bike.

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  1. 2010-02-08 (13:18)


    Hallo Daniel !
    Dir würde doch was fehlen, wenn Du Marianne nicht ab und zu mal “befummeln” könntest, oder ?

    Gute Reise!

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