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2010-02-10 | Day 529 | 37589 km

Daniel | 2010-02-10

The tubing experience: I’m not exactly the kind of guy that drinks alcohol out of a bucket and poses on the beach. That’s what I thought, the only activity possible in this village was about. And yes, at first glance, it looked like it. The scene was dominated by very young travellers looking for a good time. Despite the conservative Lao culture, every second boy walked around with his shirt off and most of the girls wore bikinis. Many had their arms marked with a water proof felt-pen “Bucket Bar – free shots”. There’s all kind of deals available: If you hire a tube, with it comes the entitlement to get hammered for free in a bar, later in the evening.

Anyways, that’s not what it has to be about. It’s just beautiful to enjoy nature and the beauty of the place by floating down the river in a truck tube. There’s small rapids at times, which make it all more exciting. I floated by a herd of water buffalos that took pleasure in cooling down in the river. And when I got thirsty I just waved at one of the uncountable bars along the river side. The are very skilled young Lao girls and boys that throw a small plastic bottle, halfway filled with water, at you. No, not for drinking. The bottle has a rope attached to it, on which they pull you to their dock, where you then can rest in a hammock and enjoy a cool drink or snack. It doesn’t need to be a hash brownie, an opium or mushroom shake, which are advertised on billboards, visible as you approach the bar, coming down the river. Drugs are illegal in Laos by the way and this is not meant to be a suggestion or recommendation!

All the bars compete with each other and try to attract the most customers. There is oversized swings, slides and dance music, that make the “swimming in the river – experience” more fun.

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  1. 2010-02-14 (19:02)


    Das klingt wie das Paradies. Von hier aus zumindest. Oar.

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