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2010-02-17 | Day 536 | 37589 km

Daniel | 2010-02-17

I cannot be sure, but I’m guessing there were about 500 people in the hall. I found myself standing there, right in the middle of it, moving my hands like I was some kind of an oriental dancer. Except I wasn’t supposed to swing my hips at all, just the hands. I felt really silly. And I would have felt alot more silly, if there wasn’t a beautiful girl facing me, doing the exact same thing with her hands. In fact, there were plenty of people on the dance floor, in a circle – men on the inside facing outwards and women on the outside facing inwards – all swinging their bodies very slightly back and forth, having their hands dance wildly.

I never dreamed of it, but I was invited to a proper Lao wedding. The music, the girl’s costumes, the ceremony, all of it very foreign to me, but very interesting and fun. I feel really lucky to have been part of it.

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  2. 2010-02-20 (21:25)

    Kegelschwester Marianne

    Hallo Daniel, ich lese Deine Berichte regelmäßig und finde sie spitzenklasse. Da wird aber Deine Mutsch traurig sein, wenn Du Winzer in Laos werden willst :-)
    Hals und Beinbruch weiterhin auf Deiner “Marianne”.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem kalten Dresden!

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