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2010-02-20 | Day 539 | 37992 km

Daniel | 2010-02-20

This one thing seems to be synonymous with Laos; you could come by a huge wedding celebration at any time at any place. I cannot believe how many weddings are going on here. There’s at least one, here in Vientiane, every day.

A friend and I went out of town on my bike, exploring the area around the capital. At some stage we got off the main road and entered a beautiful natural resort. We went on a very small road and it felt as if we were in the middle of the jungle, when all of the sudden, a huge building including parking lot, illuminated signs and security staff popped up. Now that was unsuspected! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but some research later revealed that this Casino was funded to 75% by Thailand investors and to 25% by Lao investors. I was staggered about the contrast between this beautiful forest, the locals living of the land and the people that come here in huge SUV’s and lose or win enough money in less than an hour, which could feed a local family for months.

We escaped very soon and were happy to find a more healthy and authentic environment a little later. A village wedding party. I only stood 20 seconds on the side of the road, curiously gazing at the guests having a great time, before one of them pulled me inside, poured me a drink and handed me a plate with food. Not long after the singer of the band came up to us, asked our names, went back onto the stage and welcomed us over the microphone.

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  1. 2010-02-22 (12:22)


    That is beautiful..

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