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2010-02-21 | Day 540 | 38427 km

Daniel | 2010-02-21

One night many months ago in Delhi, I walked down a dark and narrow alley and had to jump into a doorway because an elephant came towards me. Ever since I wanted to come a cross an elephant in the wild.

I took off to Ban Na, a place not so far away, where the locals were asked by the government, to grow sugar cane. So they did, but that made the wild elephants come down from the nearby mountains and eat all the harvest. The villagers couldn’t get rid of the mighty animals without shooting them, so they went back to growing (boring) vegetables. But the big guys stuck around.

I reached the village and passed the sign saying: “ELEPHANT TERRITORY – Be aware of the risk you’re taking. Never go without a guide beyond this point” and rod through the deep jungle, crossed rivers up to a point where Marianne could go any further. I kept on walking, crossed treacherous bridges (one log and a swinging handrail), along wood glades, but did not get so see any elephant :(

I guess I will have to try some other place.

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  1. 2010-02-23 (14:28)


    Ein DD Nummernschild mitten im Dschungel – wer hätte das vor 25 Jahren gedacht !?

    Gute Reise !

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