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2010-02-23 | Day 542 | 38427 km

Daniel | 2010-02-23

Light on! Or off? As a biker in Europe, you have to have your lights on all the time. In fact all new motorbikes come without a light-switch. As soon as you switch on the ignition, the head and tail light is on. In countries like Hungary, even cars have to drive with the light on during the day. It makes sense from a safety point of view.

Month ago, I already noticed in Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal, that people don’t switch their light on until it’s really, really pitch black dark out and not a minute before. If I kept my lights on during the day, other vehicles would signal me like crazy. I didn’t understand what bothered them about my light until today.

Here in Laos, I was stopped by the police and fined, because I had the lights on. I was shocked, I didn’t understand – well in fact the police officer didn’t understand me: language barrier. I did some research later and found a simple explanation – only Ambassador and government vehicles are allowed to keep their light on during the day. That’s the sign of: “Get out of the way, I’m more important than you!”

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