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2010-03-10 | Day 557 | 38757 km

Daniel | 2010-03-10

Headset bearing changed in record time. Marianne, my bike needed some a new one. It took me less time to change the bearing than it took trained BMW staff to change the brake pads, some years ago. Years ago, I bought some brake pads in a flash and shiny BMW store back in Germany. The friendly guy behind the counter offered to put them in for free. Knowing it only takes 2 minutes (literately), I said: “No thanks, it’s fine”. He insisted and I gave in.

After I had two cups of tea and waited for half an hour, I walked around to the workshop. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The handsome, sleek mechanic in his spotless blue and white overall, had taken the brake calliper off and clamped in a bench vice. There was a huge puddle brake fluid on the ground and another guy helped him fiddling around with screw drivers. After I asked: “What the f**k?” He replied: “We always do it like that.”

To be continued…

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