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2011-01-01 | Day 854 | 55389 bike + bus.train.plane 34988 km

Daniel | New year, new country, new adventures.

If you ask a New Zealander, Wellington is one the most picturesque cities on the islands. Since I made it all the way down to Australia, I thought I might just as well go visit New Zealand. And what’s better than starting a new year with traveling a new country.

I got to admire Wellington from the airplane during landing approach; it has got the ocean around on three sides and it’s cushioned with beautifully green hills too. Not much later I got to see the place from a similar view again. My host (whom I recently met in Australia) is a two-wheel fanatic like me. Right after I dropped off my baggage I found myself in full gear with protectors and helmet on, up on a hill near Wellington. “Easy or hardcore” my host asked me without really waiting for an answer and downhill we went. Down very narrow trails, with a cliff on one side and the mountain on the other, through the bush, past trees and branches at high speed, I tried hard to keep up with him. It was so steep, too steep to walk up and mostly too steep to even stop. Gravel, water, mud and ramps added to the thrill. The entire race lasted ‘only’ 20 Minutes, but although it was downhill all the time we had to stop in between, my arms and legs shook of exhaustion*. I could get used to this kind of fun and I certainly couldn’t have gone this way on Marianne… But with her, going uphill is much more fun :)

*not of anxiety… ;)

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