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2009-12-18 | Day 475 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-18

Nepal has gone quiet. It was announced long time ago and I had to plan accordingly. The maoists are on strike. That means the entire country is on strike. No one is allowed to open his shop, ride a motorbike or drive a car and especially no truck. Everyone who disobeys, risks a serious beating and a burned down shop or vehicle.

Groups of young man with red flag and scarfs blatantly troop through the streets and make sure that all the shops and restaurants stay closed. And they look ready to become violent. But most Nepalis with their notorious laid back attitude handle the situation well. I have occasionally observed how some shop owners sit behind half open shutters and serve customers. Because the noisy mob is easy to make out before they come around the corner, the brave ones shut the roller gates just before the demonstrators come by. They play football with the kids, whistling a tune and when the crowd is gone, they open up (halfway) again. But most people don’t risk it. They spend their time chatting on the sunny streets and smoke cigarettes.

Three days this things is supposed to last, will see.

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  1. 2009-12-23 (10:57)


    they sounded me like my country’s problem called « PKK » , a big terrorist group and people have to close their shops when PKK ask

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