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2009-12-20 | Day 477 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-20

One of the two significant events: Me losing ground!

I can’t pursue all hobbies, especially since I’m travelling. But, about ten years ago, a certain Mister H. who was an experienced hang-glider pilot faced no problem to excite me for aviation. It took me to this day, years of observing the forces of nature by i.e. windsurfing, to come a little bit closer to the dream of flying. (other than in an aircraft)

I took the driver of the red fire fighter truck up on his offer and threw myself, including him as pilot, his parachute and an enormous amount of excitement, down a cliff in Pokhara, a oasis for hang-glider enthusiasts in Nepal. I enjoyed every minute of our flight, but also had to deal with an experience that my ego feels sore about still. Because the thermal zone (rising warm air) was very small, we had to circle, among twenty other hang-gliders, for 15 minutes to gain height. If we had left this turbulent zone only ten seconds later, I most certainly had needed window wipers on the screen of my camera.

After we left this bumpy place and smoothly glided across the lake towards our landing strip, I not only instantly felt better, but also was allowed to steer the glider for a while. Hm, I’m thinking of elaborating on this flying experience.

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