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2009-12-24 | Day 481 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-24

I went to the CYF – orphanage yesterday, brought the kids some Christmas presents and the Vice President Haushala all the cash that you my generous friends and family donated. In the name of every single member of the organisation: « Thank you all for the generous effort, this means the world to us. »

I spent the night to compose a quick montage of some of the video footage my friends and I took on that day. (please excuse the not very smooth cuts and some blunders in the concept) The kids were really thrilled, even some tears of joy were shed. See for yourself and merry Christmas to you all. Love, Daniel

Watch video here… (HD)

(For everyone who does not want to watch the video in HD, Youtube recently limited video lengths down to 10 minutes, this video has therefore two parts. The second part is linked to the next diary entry, the 25th)

  1. 2009-12-24 (15:08)



  2. 2009-12-24 (16:29)


    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of something really important.
    To see these children smile is one of the most beautiful gift in my whole life.

  3. 2009-12-24 (17:29)


    Merry Christmas Dan!!!
    I’m feelling so bad, ’cause I didn’t have regular internet connecction the last 2 months and I couldn’t read your diary regularly, that means I dindn’t read about you wanderfull protect. Today I have watched the video and It mades me cry. Congratulations bro, you are achieving to do really important things. Amazing like allways

  4. 2009-12-25 (10:22)


    Ein tolles Weihnachtsfest !!!

  5. 2009-12-26 (10:45)


    thank you! we’re happy to help like we can, and to see all those happy faces, and i mean ALL, including you guys, it’s just great!!!!!!!!!
    We wish you a lovely merry christmas!

  6. 2009-12-30 (21:59)


    thank you to give us the chance to help as well! it’s so amazing to see all the smiling faces of the kids… to see how you can make them happy with one present. i am always crying when I see your videos. they are so touching, many people only want to achieve big things but do not see the little (but real) ones. Daniel, i wish you a happy new year with much more experience, exciting moments and adventures. Good luck!

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