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2009-12-27 | Day 484 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-27

The second day of our tour through Tibet wasn’t exactly more efficient. We started early in the morning, but we were held up, due to road works, only ten kilometres later. After the authorities ignored us for some time, we could finally find out that the road is impassible and we will have to wait until the road works were finished for the day. We waited until 9pm. In the dark we had to drive through the valley that is said to be very beautiful.

The day had another little surprise for me in stock. Just when I came around a bend I found ice all across the road. A waterfall must have run across the road during the day. It was too late to use the brakes. I pulled the clutch, tried not to move a muscle and magically made it across the entire ice patch without a crash. The bike came to a stop just a meter before the asphalt, still on the ice. I put my feet down and let go the clutch as carefully as I would lift a newborn out of its cradle. Before I could help it, the bike lay between my legs. I had to wait for the others to catch up with me and help, in order to lift the bike up. It was so slippery I could barely keep myself upright.

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