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2009-12-30 | Day 487 | 38688 km

Daniel | 2009-12-30

Shigatse is the first place that I would call a city. Wide roads, traffic lights, many restaurants and even 3-star hotels. Our guide took us to one of those and I raised my eye brows thinking, this isn’t in my budget. One can imagine how happy I was to check into a heated room, with hot shower and spotlessly white bedsheets for the equivalent of only 5 Euros. The room was so luxurious – I usually use the cheap and dodgy places since I’m on a small budget – I had to jump on the bed like « Kevin alone at home ».

The aim to go online wasn’t as successful though. After a long time – it’s pretty hard to find anyone that understands the simple English words « yes » or « no » – I found all three internet cafes in town. Every single one of them had at least one hundred huge screens, most comfortable arm chairs, Counterstrike, Skype, drinks and so on. But none of them could let me use my laptop to go online. The only counteract to my frustration was this kind Chinese boy that communicated with me using an online translation service. One very funny translation was: « You very crazy traveling long on motorbike from Germany. »

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