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2010-01-25 | Day 513 | 36976 km

Daniel | 2010-01-25

Finally done! I finished a contract (computer-grafic-job) today and immediately sent it via internet to my client in Germany.

The internet here is a lot better than in China. There are no restrictions in Laos. I can easily access i.e. Youtube.com and Flickr.com. In China I couldn’t even open my own website! Luckily the Open-Explorers obtained the .com and the .de domain – the .de site (same content) did work in China. Hahaha.

I have heard about the most bizarre things about the Chinese Internet. Apparently there are only two « cables » connected with China. One is in Beijing and one in Shanghai. Next to the automated and electronic surveillance technologies, there are always thousand clerks or web-detectives working around the clock to inspect what people browse through. If a website is considered « inappropriate » it’ll be blocked. Even Google is in risk to be banned in China.

But I don’t know all these things for facts. My personal experience with the internet in China: It’s more limited than when I was in Iran last summer, right after the elections and the following demonstrations.

  1. 2010-01-27 (22:23)


    Spiegel online (2008): http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,569315,00.html

    heute journal (2010): http://www.heute.de/ZDFheute/inhalt/26/0,3672,8017626,00.html

  2. 2010-01-28 (06:28)


    Hi Daniel !
    Viele Chinesen nutzen angeblich PICIDAE :http://www.wortgefecht.net/netzkultur/kunst-gegen-zensur-picidae/ .

    Auch interessant: http://german.china.org.cn/business/txt/2010-01/15/content_19246162.htm


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