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2010-02-14 | Day 533 | 37589 km

Daniel | 2010-02-14

I was sitting in a street cafe, enjoying dinner with the Englishman (BMW 650GS). We were having a great time talking about adventures, bikes and how many of the same overlanders we have both met. Seems the overlander world is small. A few tables down were a bunch of middle aged Lao woman getting totally drunk. Most of them could barely stand up.

I saw a TV commercial a few days earlier. It started like a Quentin Tarantino movie, it was all bloody and messy. Basically, a guy on a scooter crashed in a truck. All graphic and dramatic, with his wife crying… The end of the story: « Don’t drink and drive! – The Loa Government ».

When one of the drunk ladies, a few tables down from us, got up – the waiter called us: « Come away, sit here in the back, come away from the street! » The lady got on her scooter started it and revved it hard. She stood there for at least 5 minutes, revving it to the max. We couldn’t continue talking and anticipated her to get airborne every second. She finally started riding very slow, her head down. The bumped into the left curb, then into the right, going all over the place. Then she shot straight across the busy main road, without looking of course, took a sharp turn before she hit the opposite sidewalk and disappeared in the dark with the other traffic.

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