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2010-03-03 | Day 550 | 38757 km

Daniel | 2010-03-03

Man, what luxury. I haven’t lived like this since… well, since I left for this trip 19 months ago. (Or even longer than that, hahaha) I’m staying in this huge mansion with 3 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, porch, Mekong-river-view and even Marianne is parked in the front yard, in the shade. My friendly host is on a business trip too, so I have all this space to myself :) Amazing! Well, I have been living very budget lately so the contrast is huge.

  1. 2010-03-04 (10:03)


    lucky you

  2. 2010-03-04 (10:42)


    Wo kommt denn die Gastgeberin auf einmal her? Was für eine Schicksalsfügung. Genieße es!

  3. 2010-03-04 (11:47)


    Das kann nicht vom Couchsurfing sein, oder?

  4. 2010-03-04 (14:51)


    Hehe, no this is not ‘Couchsurfing’. Well, I made friends while I was job hunting. Yes I am lucky!

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