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2010-03-05 | Day 552 | 38757 km

Daniel | 2010-03-05

I just wanted to let you guys know, that I’m always thinking about ways to make the Open-Explorers website more fun. Today I talked to a very good friend of mine, about the feasibility of this idea I have been having for a long time. I cannot tell you what it is about yet, but we’ll get started on it. Give me a little time, as you know, I have some other full-time jobs as well:

1. TRAVELING (preparations, route planning, research and actually going places = full time job)
2. BE AN OPEN-EXPLORER (sharing experiences, 2 languages entries, photos, videos = full time job)
3. FINANCING IT ALL (to find ways to make money, and actually make money)

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  1. 2010-03-11 (08:32)


    for me, travelling is already one of the funiest things in the worl… but of course if you have money to do it

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