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2010-03-12 | Day 559 | 38757 km

Daniel | 2010-03-12

Somewhere I read, that the world-wide trend, where people leave the country-side and live in cities, has come to a point where it’s 50% – 50%. This trend hasn’t reached Laos yet, most of the Laotians live in rural areas and fight problems like malnutrition. (Which is not supposed to mean, that living in a city is the solution to it.)

The universe directed me into the hands of people that work to solve the malnutrition problem of the Lao villagers. And suddenly I see myself taking photographs of fruits and vegetables, which will be printed on large banners. These banners will be used in the next few days for a prototype campaign to educate the people about « How much should I eat from what food. »

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  1. 2010-03-14 (12:23)


    Cooler Job!

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