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2010-03-21 | Day 568 | 38875 km

Daniel | 2010-03-21

Entry on demand (last comment):

Concealed!    I as a designer kept an Indian truck driver’s artistic impact on my motorbike a secret. May that be because I want to be the only one who ‘plays’ with my bike’s looks, or may it be because I tried to keep my mum’s worries to a minimum.

The truck crashing into me, on a windy mountain road near Jammu many months ago, was as unnecessary as inconvenient. The truck driver decided to cut a bend tight on the inside. Unfortunately I was overtaking, being right next to him this very moment. I managed to not crash, riding on the last few inches of tarmac that were left between the cliff and the truck. In tilted position, hanging over the cliff with my upper body, I even found the button and honked the horn, but it was too late. The panniers got tangled up in the truck and I crashed. Fortunately not down the cliff, but into a wooden tea-house shed.

Apart from some bruises, nothing happened to me, but three of the four aluminium panniers were badly damaged. The roll bars were wrapped around the cylinders and the valves are rattling since. But who makes it through India without a traffic accident, eh?

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