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2010-03-24 | Day 571 | 38875 km

Daniel | 2010-03-24

My current job, which I’m really enjoying, will be going on for another while. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to think about where I’m going next, spending all the cash I’m now making. I’m really looking forward to going to Thailand and Cambodia. I only heard good things about these places. Anchor Wat is a must see, I already decided to go there. But what else is going on in a couple of thousand miles perimeter? Anyone any suggestions?

  1. 2010-03-25 (20:57)


    I would like to see you in « Pandora »

  2. 2010-03-26 (20:35)


    Das möchtest Du, lieber Timo, uns nun aber mal näher erläutern. Wo möchtest Du meinen Sohn sehen:
    Internetradiostation, auf dem Mond des Planeten Saturn oder in einer Stadt in Texas? Griechische Mythologie wird mit Deinem Vorschlag ja nichts zu tun haben?

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